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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Darya (Persian) - Orange, CA

Darya has been around for quite some time. When I was working in Orange, my boss would sometimes take the office out to this place. Back then it was quite good. So I decided to take out a couple of my friends out to here.

The best deal is actually during the weekday lunch and their lunch special ($6.95 to 10.95) Since we went on a Saturday, we didn't have that luxury and had to order from the dinner menu.

Bread and 'Dough'

We were served their warm bread which appeared like wafers but actually warm and soft. The bread was freshly made has a feel of a Lavash. The drink you see here is the Dough (doogh). Darya makes their own from scratch and it's pretty refreshing and unusual, if you are not familar with it. It's a yogurt drink with dried mint. Their home-made version is non carbonated, and they also offer a carbonated version.

Did someone say meat?

Our order for today was Barg, Chicken Koobiden, and Lamb Shish Kabob. Surrounded were Tomatoes, onions, and green pepers. All the meat were very moist and cooked to perfection.

MMmmmm Mmmm rice..

The rice they served with the meat was quite good. They call it plain rice but there's nothing plain about it. The Chelow persian rice was very fluffy and not sticky at the same time.

If you do try Darya, I recommend taking advantage of their weekday lunch specials. It does get pricey on the dinner side menu, but it was a good meal over all.

Darya - Orange
1998 North Tustin Avenue
Orange, CA 92865


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