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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gombo Wang Korean Restaurant (Artesia, CA)

There isn't much info out there about Korean noodles, especially not Naengmyeon. But to Koreans, they are a part of the Korean cuisine as the steak and potatoes are to the average American: you don't eat it every day, but you do eat it occasionally.

There are many different variaties of Korean noodles but the cold version is particularly popular, especially during hot summer days (and even nights). Tucked away in a corner of this small, rustic strip mall is Gombo Wang, a Korean Restuarant that specializes in Korean cold noodles, called naengmyeon.

(Its tucked away..)

There are 2 kinds of naengmyeon, water and mixed. Water naengmyeon has alot of flavorful broth, as described in the wikipedia description. Mixed, which is my preference and favorite, is served w/ a spicy sauce. Upon ordering, you are served w/ pickled turnips, potato salad, pickled celery/onion/chili pepper, and mook. Mook is a jellied form of either yellow or lima beans or acorn. The ones pictured here are the lima bean variety. It is velvety smooth and goes well with the cold noodles.

The cup you see here is not tea. Infact it's hot beef broth. Sounds strange but its something that is served in some Korean establishments. (You can also ask for ice water.)

I ordered the Wang (king size) Bibim (mixed) naengmyeon. Yes, that is a quarter next to it. You can also get a regular size of this as well. In this cold dish is a flavorful concotion of noodles, house spicy sauce, cool sliced cucumbers, slivers of the pickled radish, a few slices of beef and 1/2 a boiled egg. They cut the noodles for you (they are very very long).

(Its nice and cold~)

If you like, you can order a side of bbq beef rib. Even though Gombo Wang specializes in cold noodles, this marinated beef rib was very tender and full of flavor, which I found to be good. (Typically, you will find Korean noodle shops that have this combo).

And on every table you will find your condiments of hot yellow mustard and vinegar.

To end the meal, they serve you a small bowl of Sikhye, a sweet dessert-like cold drink, made from rice.
If you are ever in the mood for something different and refreshing, I highly recommend Gombo Wang - their noodles are excelletly prepared and the service is good too.

Gombo Wang Korean Restaurant
18009 Norwalk Blvd. #B
Artesia, CA 90701
(562) 402-1656



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